Specialists in accounting records and financial information of corporations and legal vehicles according to Panamanian laws and regulations.

We are highly qualified team to offer accounting solutions applied to different financial and commercial activities.

External Accounting Services

For those entities interested in having the analysis of their investments.

Compliance Certification

Certification service for the Board of Directors at the request of the corporations/foundations.

Financial Certification

Financial Certification Service for submit a Report of their Assets, Liabilities and Income for each annual period.

MASCO Multiple Accounting Services Corp. is a Panamanian firm of Certified Public Accountants (“MASCO”), founded in 2016.

MASCO is a pioneer in compliance with accounting records.

Since 2017, Panamanian legislation imposes on Panamanial legal vehicles the obligation to keep accounting records of their operations.

We are commited to being part of the solution for all thoese corporations and foundations of private interest that ensure by adherence to the rules and proper compliance with the regulations in force in the Republic of Panama.

Authorization No.005-(337-2017)

The firm has authorization from the Technical Accounting Board of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI, for its abbreviation in Spanish) to practice as Certified Public Accountants.

Philosophy and values

Our philosophy and values are rooted in an organization with almost a century of experience, recognized for its transparency and contribution to the economic and social development of Panama.

The protection of your data is important to us.

At MASCO we recognize the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of the information we maintain in our database, especially the personal information about the people with whom we deal, whether they are clients, users, collaborators, candidates, suppliers or others.


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11th floor, Oficce 11F

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Founded in 2016, committed to proper compliance with current regulations in the Republic of Panama.


We have a robust technological platform, advice from international experts and a highly specialized team that has developed a strategy to continuously optimize the security of your personal data.